Pagi yang gelap.. tak terang-terang

Reading Room Day 1 Dec. 8 2007

The rain followed me and cousin Arin all the way to Kuala Krai on Thursday, and it hasn’t let up since! I couldn’t sleep much Thursday, the sound of heavy rain made me depressed. It still does actually.

At 0830 today, went to the school where RR07 is to be held. Soon after, kids started to fill up the hall. I was surprised to see there were about 45 of them, most of them still in primary school. After an awkward introduction (that’s me), they ‘attacked’ the books and magazines and went back to their seats noisily. I had a feeling they wouldn’t be too keen on the English volumes and I was right. No one gave much attention to Artemis Fowl or Enid Blyton, but many went through the big hard cover books full of photos. Oh, the Archie comics, Readers Digest issues and Mastika as well as the ones Eddy bought were the favourites.

One thing I forgot was how annoying kids can be. Heh.

By midday, we had to shift to the upper floor as the school is a flood evacuation centre for Kuala Krai and there were about three families that have been transported from their homes. It was my first experience seeing actual flood victims but the kids were unfazed. A few had said they may be joining the ‘fun’ soon if the rain doesn’t stop soon.

Mum called earlier this evening, asking how and when I’m going back. I can’t go back now, it’s only the first day. I am worried about it, but I think I’ll wait a couple more days. I reeeeeallly hope the rain would let up soon.

To the two volunteers planning to come next weekend, I’ll keep you posted. I don’t know if we can last til midweek even.


3 thoughts on “Pagi yang gelap.. tak terang-terang

  1. a.z. haida says:

    hang tough there…
    it’s not easy doing the right things right
    but somebody has to do it anyway…


  2. Elviza says:

    Ohhh you are there…

    Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula taman permainan

  3. coy says:

    woah, dah bertukar “baju”!

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