Customary year-end list / review for 2007

Song-I-played-to-death – Augustana’s Boston

Best movie – Transformers

Movie-I-had-hoped-to-be-great – Spiderman 3 (I almost doze off)

Memorable first – Two firsts actually.

Road trip of the year – KL – K. Terengganu, April 2007

Best driver – Mr. Ajit Singh of Punjab

Best concert moment – cheering when James Morrison’s sound guy came out

Surprise of the year – [future brother in-law’s name] nak datang merisik, July 2007

Groupie tagline of the year – I ❤ our Angkasawan (Seen at PWTC, November 2007)

– – –

I was unable to choose among the 15 books I’ve read this year which is the best. Quite a number Malaysiana titles out this year, I’m really happy about that.

Personal accomplishment? That would be the Reading Room project, since I’ve failed yet again to tidy up my very messy room. Task to be brought forward: Conversations. I really should finish it.

Got acquainted with a lot of people this year, mostly serious bloggers, and then some. I just realised I didn’t go on solitary travel trips this year, unlike 2006. With Eddy to Singapore, with Cin and PK to K.Terengganu, with Coy to India and I had some “locals” keeping me company in the States. Amazing.

– – –

Here’s to a great 2008. Happy holidays, people. Go easy on the partying.


One thought on “Customary year-end list / review for 2007

  1. How about “Best surprise” of your own???? ;);););)

    Selamat Hari Raya Haji, Merru Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

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