Registered letter

Dear Com,

I just got off the phone with Pos Malaysia, where I asked again about the package you sent. This time, the reason they gave for not being able to send it was “Nama tidak dikenali”. Bloody hell. I told the person on the phone that the reason they gave me the other day when I called was that my address was incomplete. Idiot.

Right now, the package is still at sea so you’ll be getting it at least a month from now. That’s the soonest. If and when it’s sent back to you, could you take photos of the cover and back and send them to me? I’ll need those to make a proper written complaint.

Another thing I found out was that for the past two years, many registered letters from the UK have not even reached KLIA to be delivered. According to the lady I spoke to, say 5 bags of mail were supposed to arrive, Pos Malaysia will get maybe 2-3 bags out of the total. Apparently, they’ve asked for Royal Mail’s statement on this issue but it’s difficult “because we’re a Muslim country.” Seriously! Is Royal Mail opening letters at random, with focus on suspiciously Muslim name, maybe with Muhammad or Hussein in them? Pos Malaysia said the problem is with letters from the UK, not the US or anywhere else. Sheesh.

As for the previous two letters you sent that didn’t find their way here, they have no idea why but I’ll be sure to include that in my complaint. Heck, I might just copy it to the CEO. How’s that for name dropping and being a pain in the behind.


4 thoughts on “Registered letter

  1. Spena says:

    Happy New Year Nor! You’re tagged! hehehe…

  2. norzu says:

    Kak Spena: Aiseyy.. early new year present aa.. hahaha

  3. hazyr says:

    2-3 bags only out of 5? Seriously?

    No wonder I have yet to receive a couple of letters sent last year..Maybe I need to change my surname from Ahmad Hisham to Brown instead. Or probably Thatcher.

    Happy new year mate!

  4. norzu says:

    happy new year, ryzah. you better check with the sender, suruh diorang buat enquiries about the letters to royal mail. and yes, maybe if you change your surname. hehe.

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