To another good one

Has it been a year already? Where have I been the past 12 months? On professional roller coaster, in a personal limbo and on the whole, still drifting.

Quite a number of highs and some lows, but that’s life. I’m not living on the streets and have to sleep in public parks. Always be grateful.

– – –

A review, via Kak Spena

1. How has 2007 been for you in a nutshell?

2. Apart from your family members, name one person who has made you happy in 2007.
Eddy. She appeared unannounced and followed me to Singapore for 2 days, before I imploded from stress.

3. Do you feel you are better off, or worse off, than you were in 2006?
A bit more confused about some stuff but mostly the same. I think.

4. Where was the best holiday trip for you in 2007?
India, September 07. One country I’ve always wanted to go to at least once.

5. Name 3 positive things you have achieved in 2007.
a. I didn’t kill Cin on our road trip. Heh.
b. I read more books than last year, just finished my 16th in fact.
c. Kept writing.

6. Name the best movie you saw in 2007.

7. Name 5 friends that you have made in 2007.
ermm… The folks from MRT. Murni and Ayu.

8. What new year’s resolution for 2007 that you have not achieved?
Didn’t make any.

9. What would your new year’s resolution for 2008 be?

10. Name 5 people you would like to tag.
I’ll pass.

– – –

I like Perodua’s new year ad. Can’t find it on YouTube, though. Is that Ramli Sarip in the background, singing in English?


4 thoughts on “To another good one

  1. Gigsy says:

    Hepi new year to u!

  2. norzu says:

    You too, fellow Giggs groupie 😀

  3. tony g says:

    hey nor,
    lets do the library thing you started in Terengganu. Happy new year…lunch again @ the curve?

  4. norzu says:

    tony: it’s kelantan. hehe.

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