How can you stand there with your broken heart

Kita ni public figures, Che Nor.” I laughed at first, then he explained. “I can’t be seen fooling around with someone like (her) and expects to be taken seriously when I write a commentary the next day.” Twisted logic? I don’t know. It kinda makes sense. RY concurred, when I mentioned it this morning at breakfast.

– – –

This is a good entry.

1. Get a timer and set it for 15 minutes – use the one on your cell phone, a freestanding one ($10 at a general merchandise store in the kitchen section), or the one on your watch.
2. Go to a place with few distractions – consider a conference room, a coffee shop, the sofa in your home in a low activity room (only put on music with no words such as classical or zen music), and do not stay at your desk.
3. Open your notebook.
4. Start your timer.
5. Stare into space or close your eyes and see what pops into your mind.
6. Once a topic comes to mind, write it on your notebook and stop thinking about it. You’ve put it on your list so that you won’t forget the topic. You’ve put it on your list to clear you mind of that issue, thought, concern, action item ‘to do’, discussion, etc. Do not replay full discussions. If one comes up, write the topic and hit “pause” on your mental replay.
7. Hang in there for 15 minutes. Keep letting go of topics and wait for the next. Breathe easy. Stay still. For some of us that will be 15 minutes that feels like an hour. Others will fall asleep this time. Try not to do that next time. Some will have three things in the notebook for the session. Others will have 23 notes. The goal is to make room in your day and mind to let things come to mind that are squeezed out during the crazy busy distraction-filled time with family and co-workers.
8. When the alarm goes off, return to your routine. Take your notebook with you and integrate the most important idea with your plan for ‘what’s next’.
9. Repeat daily.

Check out the “why”. I think I’ll try it.

– – –

Things are gonna get much better / If you only will – James Taylor

One thought on “How can you stand there with your broken heart

  1. syia says:

    a good advice on how to clear my head every night 😉

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