Call me Sir if you like! Maybe people in America think being a Sir is a big deal. But I think we should all be misters together. I think the Sir thing slightly perpetuates one of our diseases in England, which is snobbery. And it also helps keep us ‘quaint,’ which I’m not a great fan of. You don’t get much with the title anymore. That was all carved up by the robber barons in the Middle Ages.

Albert Finney, actor

Try telling that to the attention loving Datuks and Datins, who just don’t get that it’s not about the title or position, it’s about who YOU are as a person.

– – –

I’ve been reading more than writing this past few weeks. The urge to write an “earth shattering masterpiece” is nowhere to be found that I’m simply enjoying the pleasure of other people’s products, imagining if I am able to emulate a fraction of their skill with the written word. Malas la tu! -Ed

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