Notes from Batu Buruk

– People do not put up signs on houses / apartments / flats for sale or rent. You work with word of mouth, which can be a real pain.

– Properties for rent are snapped up very fast, and in some areas, owners are able to secure the next tenant for their properties even before the current lease expires.

– If you’re a single female, don’t count on being able to get live among kampong folk, in a place with acces to a private beach. People will tell you it’s for security reasons, even if you have a black belt in [insert preferred martial arts name]. Ya, saya masih tidak puas hati.

– People won’t look twice if a girl is out with her boyfriend til late but if you’re with a few girlfriends having kopi and maybe watch a bit of football, be prepared to be stared at.

– I found an eating place with an outside seating area, which is almost a stone’s throw from the waves. A bit out of town, might be worth to visit once a week.

– With the current strong winds, you could see kites being flown in certain areas. I might just get myself one.

– There is a stable full of horses at the back of my office!

– I was told that there is a bowling alley but have yet to find a karaoke box.

– It can be annoying when you are told that everything is way better than the big, bad city that is KL. Or maybe it’s because I was in pain and being told that “orang KL tak tough” just riled me up a wee bit.

– I hope I can resist having rice, rice and more rice for every meal of the day. Note to self: stock up on kopi, oatmeal, roti, kaya and biskut.

– – –

Lapor diri dulu baru medical check-up. Canggih

– – –

Thank you for the well wishes. Hopefully I’ll get settled in soon enough to receive guests. However, no rumah tepi laut for now. *sigh*


10 thoughts on “Notes from Batu Buruk

  1. coy says:

    horses? yee-hah! bestnye! 🙂
    oh, i forgot lah they eat rice for breakfast! sounds like u’re in a different sekai but still omoshiroi. gambatte ne!

  2. idlan says:

    me and Jane were watching football in KB on the way to perhentian last year. Gila kena jeling. Tapi as you said.. mamat bertenet kat luar dalam gelap dengan awek dia takpe. They are not used to challenges to the status quo.

  3. eddycute says:

    nak jadi the kite runner ke? hee hee…

    oh well, ppl stare/jeling at you, apa lagi? stare/jeling le balik!

  4. Noreh Jones says:

    sugeeee….tak sangka aku kau akan tinggalkan KL..
    But,songkei suru ah the way you put it in your blog(you writing skill lah),macammmm besttttt aja sekai kau nun di sana tuh…
    nantik aku bosan2 ngan kota singa ni,nak datang sana boleh?..

    again..gambattteeeee ne….

  5. syachou says:

    will ook you up when I’m there, even after many years balik sana, will be good to find a familiar face when I’m there…esp if there’s football on the telly (in laws takde astro ;))

  6. norzu says:

    coy: semalam satu hari tak makan nasi! 😀 belum berkenalan lagi dengan horsey but hope to do it soon.

    idlan: someone told me to make havoc here. let’s add to challenging the status quo to the list.

    eddy: no running, malas.

    nora: mada kono sekai yoku wakaranai tapi it’s not all bad i guess.

    syachou: suddenly i find myself with many friends with relatives here…

  7. noreh jones says:

    hotto suru tte kanji ne…jauh dari keriuhan kota…chewaaaaahhhhh…

  8. hanny says:

    wah…sekali sekala lari dari hiruk pikuk di bandar, menarik gak..tapi aku bet orang macam ko sure miss sesangat KL tuh..hehehehehe..buktikan aku salah?….:)anyway, gambattene!!!

  9. sara says:

    cik nor, from wht i heard, karaoke ada same place w bowling alley. you’ll get used to the stares. just pick a regular hang out – they only stare at strangers. and nasik rules. nasik air, nasik minyok, nasi kerabu, nasi goreng paprik, nasik dagang, nasik lemok, nasik pulut. why ever would you want to have something else?!!

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