Notes from Batu Buruk pt.2

What I miss, after a week here?

Convenience. Of being able to do over-the-counter banking transactions during the day without too much parking hassle. Of being able to get good quality stuff without having to go across town and coming back empty-handed after more than an hour searching in three different stores.

Hot shower in the morning.

Good kuey teow goreng.

Connection. Late night chats! I miss that the most.

– – –

Sara asked if I don’t miss friends. Sure, but the people I talk to the most are not even in the country anyway, so it makes no difference where I am physically. Still, I foresee my phone bill to be higher from now on.

– – –

It is not like I’m not going home every so often, the boss is my orang kampung and likes to schedule meetings at The Curve. Which is fine with me. However, I don’t mind my current base. It’s still away from most people, with the beach as a bonus. I just don’t have a cave, but I think it’s a fair trade-off.


4 thoughts on “Notes from Batu Buruk pt.2

  1. spena says:

    Sist! Nanti if I balik Tganu, I singgah visit you, ok? My uncles’ and aunties’ place are everywhere there. Then maybe I can bring you back to my grandma’s place for some good food 😉

  2. norzu says:

    Kak Spena: You asal T’ganu? Hehe.. good food is always an acceptable reason to meet 😀

  3. feisal says:

    So you are now in KT. Be prepared to wait for a longgggg time for your order to come when you go out to eat.

  4. norzu says:

    thanks, feisal. so far the nasi ayam ‘yunang’ in batu buruk gave the fastest service. duduk saja makanan sampai.

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