Fabulous February

I’ll be back in KL for the third time in two weeks. In fact, I’ll be home next weekend as well. If I have company, I wouldn’t actually mind driving down Thurday evening and be back here late Saturday.

– – –

My first night at my new place was not as dramatic as this:

“Hello, Hello!” I yelled louder and louder hoping someone would respond. My face was pressed up against my tiny bathroom window. I was straining to see 5 floors down to the street behind my building. “Hello” I kept yelling -voice rising in desperation, hoping someone, anyone would answer. My eyes scanned nearby windows for signs of life. All I needed was one human to notice me and help would be on the way.

But this wasn’t a main street; it was a quiet alley, exactly the kind you’d want your place to back onto, especially if you’d just moved to New York to become a writer. However, if you happened to be trapped in your bathroom mid-afternoon on a winter’s day, this is the last space you’d want outside your window.

New Yorkers..

– – –

Take this sinking boat and point it home we’ve still got time

Is Glen Hansard the new Damien Rice?


2 thoughts on “Fabulous February

  1. Who’s this Glen Hansard guy, love Damien Rice btw. Ya Im so depressing like dat.

  2. norzu says:

    all jazzed up: go and watch the movie Once. he’s the main actor.

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