Go Kevin!

via The Star:

Some try their whole lives to qualify for the Olympics and fail.

So, to make four consecutive appearances in the Olympics is not only rare but a massive achievement.

And that’s exactly what sailor Kevin Lim has done.

Come August, he will make history as the first Malaysian athlete to compete in four Olympics in Beijing after making the cut from the Laser World Championships, which ended in Terrigal, Australia, yesterday.

Kevin earned Malaysia a quota spot in the event in Beijing after finishing 15th out of 52 sailors competing in the silver fleet.

Not one, not two, but FOUR. And he did it without much support from MSN or any sporting bodies.


2 thoughts on “Go Kevin!

  1. perghhhh…4 kali tuhh…sugoi ne!
    kalau dalam olympic ada pertandingan tidur..hmm..maybe aku pecah record masuk 6 kali berturut2x..kekekkekee….

    go go malaysia vorehhh….

  2. Elviza says:

    MUST BUY. Absolutely must buy that waiter book

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