Is it still Monday?

Have I told you that I hate being sick? Well I do. First came the sore throat. Then the blocked nose. Then the so-called ‘sexy’ voice with yucky phleghm cough and runny nose. And now comes the fever. No, not the election kind, thank you very much. That joke was never funny to begin with.

To top it all off, there’s an event on Wednesday and out of almost 190 names on the list, only a measly TWENTY FIVE said they’ll be attending. So the boss is giving me a hard time, which is understandable, but it still sucks.

– – –


At least three people have asked me about using Firefly recently. All wanted to know if it’s scary to be on the Fokker 50 plane. I don’t think so. Have been on it three times this month and apart from the buzzing sound, which is actually not that noisy, I’ve nothing to complain about. It’s usually on time and I’ve even arrived 15 minutes early once and never late. It’s not as expensive as MAS and it lands in Subang, just 15 minutes away from TTDI. I know there is the much cheaper alternative but I think I’d give it a pass for now.


3 thoughts on “Is it still Monday?

  1. adam says:

    Wah! cool.. no need to go to KLIA anymore,so far waya la.. taxi fare also expensixe. RM70+… but Firefly destinations are limited. From Subang – Penang,Kota Bharu,K.Terengganu & Langkawi only.. matbe they will add more destinations with new aircraft by end of this year..Go Firefly

  2. man says:

    Adam, fyi Firefly has increased its baggage allowance for checked baggage from 15kg to 20kg. FOC
    No need to pay anything for checked baggage now. One way to compete Airasia. Cleaver…

  3. Narin says:

    Hi, get to know your blog from queenbee. Thanks for sharing your experience about Firefly. But, like Adam said, Firefly has limited destinations. If need to go further destinations, we still need to go Sepang and book a ticket with MAS. But now MAS has this Everyday Low Fares promotion which launch on 5 May 08, really a great news for us. We even can get low fares tickets to ASEAN country..hehe.. Now I don’t have to worry about the expensive fares anymore, and get the 5-star service from MAS.. My buddy and I are planning for a trip, thinking to go Manila or Bali…:)

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