Get off my case

Personal space. It’s precious, no? It seems to be so much more easier now to encroach one’s personal space, via technology.

On IM:
How are you?
Are you dating yet?

In a text message:
I know this is sudden, but is your dad the blogger xxx?

Bloody hell.

– – –

There are so many aspects to a person that others may see just a few and not the rest. I may be “the most filtered person” to one friend while another can say I am “honest and direct”. A stranger can comment that I “have built a wall so strong that nobody can peep through”. I personally think I sometimes volunteer too much information to people I don’t even know but was told yesterday that I am “very private”. All may or may not be true but really, it’s none of your business.

I guess the key is to not assume, or judge. I know I try not to. Curiosity is fine, just not too much. If you know you’re not gonna decide to be my best buddy tomorrow, please do not go further than “how do you know the host?” or “do you live around here?”. Simple is best. Leave all the nosy questions to your unlucky and unassuming neighbour or nephew who came for a visit. Better yet, just can it, period.

– – –

Would you sell off your life online? This man is.

If you want, you can bid for it here. Bidding starts March 22nd.


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