Emotional and spiritual crap

You know, when they put on their over-the-top show, imposing their approach to personal development, I kept thinking about that one particular Sunday. It was an almost perfect Sunday, the best I’ve had this past 12 months. Days are to be lived and not just observed, eh. I try my best, and I don’t need a book or CD to tell me that. Yes, we need to be reminded about our priorities, about commitments and responsibilities. However, I do not take condescending voices and theatrics very well.

– – –

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2 thoughts on “Emotional and spiritual crap

  1. rudy says:

    agree with you. take the good things only.

  2. lalit mawkin says:

    Oh Dear
    Dont worry.Keep your mind open to receive all kind of thoughts and pick up the ones which suit you.Beauty of this life is that we are all different and have different tastes and interests.Yes.at times we come together and seem to have a few things in common and form a group.Does that make any sense??I don’t know.just felt like writing my thoughts.

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