It never goes away

He was the Guv’nor, Giggsy’s best mate on the pitch, until he left for San Siro and beyond. I remember their celebration moves whenever Incey scored.

Now, he’s managing MK Dons in Milton Keynes. I’m impressed.

One of the intriguing by-products of Ince’s success is the way he has reversed his image as a player. Rather than the snarling and strutting cliche of the Guv’nor, a more introspective man has emerged. “The loneliness will never go away,” he says of management. “That loneliness can be in victory or in defeat. Even when we won at Wembley, I didn’t really get that buzz. It was great to see the players win something but it was only when I got home and sat on my own that I could reflect on what they’d achieved. So even in victory you’re still lonely. The players are out on the town, dancing and drinking, but for me it’s just about getting away to take stock and think.

Full story here


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