With You on a loop

There has been quite a few passings this past couple of weeks, including of parents of people I know. And a third generation NAA was born. Cycle of life continues…

– – –

This is one of the reasons why I’m still not on FB.

Basically, Facebook should change the “People You May Know” feature, into the “People You May Hate.” You can stalk your enemies via Facebook, and know everything that they are up to. You can laugh at their misfortunes. Why should I friend these people and pretend like I like them? With that comes the ‘OMG I miss you so much. When are you coming home from school? We should totally like hang out and catch up!’ Seriously?

Unless you have a nice sailboat I can tumpang or can give me one. Heh.

– – –

I saw Over The Hedge and Catch and Release over the weekend. The former became a favourite after I first saw it. I think you can guess by the frequent lifting of the comic. The latter I found to be a lovely little movie, although the ending was fairly predictable.

Oh, I even managed to catch Street Kings on Friday. My first movie at the cinema in 3 months. Always good to see Mr. Reeves playing a cop.

– – –

Hopefully, it will be much, much better week. First is to get rid of this cough.

– – –

What does “you’re like jordans on a saturday” mean?


One thought on “With You on a loop

  1. Lisa says:

    I am not into Facebook either. I have 6 friends on it but is a fan to many and I also use it to play Scrabulous. It amuses me that some people gets so worked up and depressed and call you names if you don’t want to add them. GOD… Get a Life alreadylah!

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