Another sailing saturday

Kak Yeen couldn’t make it today, she’s meeting her friends who were in town for the Labour Day weekend. So I went alone. Nothing unusual with that.

Arrived at the club house around 11am, and saw the kids just lepak-ing with the coach. No wind yet. The coach then sent his charges off to the beach for some exercise and they ended up in the water. Some even went fishing.

At the club house, the coach and I talked shop and reminisced about the 90’s, when I was in school and he was still in the Navy. He used to be part of the organising team of the school interstate regattas when I sailed the Optimist so we had fun talking about the good old days.

An LLP but retired as a Lieutenant. Not bad, eh. Now based in Penarik since last year but after the Sukma games, he might move on to greener waters. Heh.

I've never handled a Laser...

Anyway, got some help with the boat’s rigging. Learned the names of the lines and sheets and refreshed my memory on some techniques. Just a bit. Waited a bit more for wind but I felt I just had to have a go even if I have to play with the rudder the whole time.

Relying on angin darat is no fun. Plus, I’m quite rusty. I did managed to take the boat quite far out, though. Wish my mates were with me. They’d love it.

So here’s me, after an hour in the water.

I did it!

All in all, it was a good re-introduction to dinghy sailing. Had a ‘starboard’ moment with the playful kids but didn’t want to kacau their training so left them a little after 3pm. I’ll definitely go back soon.


5 thoughts on “Another sailing saturday

  1. coy says:

    ii ne… btw, i didn’t know that’s a life jacket until i clicked on that pic! 😛

  2. eddycute says:

    eeeee…jelesnya. since there was no wind, did you rock the boat and played with the rudder?

  3. norzu says:

    coy: safety first. hehe

    eddy: got wind, but in spurts. didn’t need to rock the boat. much. 🙂

  4. now now… ada hitam tak lepas sailing?

  5. norzu says:

    satu jam jer.. bukan sehari. hehe.

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