Challenging ideals

seriously, why is it so hard for many to believe that all i want is a beachside home with lots of books?

That was Idlan, but it kinda sums me up as well.

– – –

I’ve spoken to many people in the past 24 hours, analysing the very limited options that I have. Zainul I think gave the best argument to go ahead – to challenge my ideals and go way beyond my comfort zone in terms of work.

It is not that I can’t do the job, it is where I’m supposed to be when I do it.

Life. Almost a month ago I was contemplating life as a bum. Now I have to prepare myself for another topsy turvy journey.

– – –

Aku duduk diam-diam kat ceruk ni pun tak boleh nak lari.


4 thoughts on “Challenging ideals

  1. ezlyna says:

    i also want a beachside home with lots of books! actually, just a beachside home now ‘coz i already have too many “unread” books! btw, norzu, lari sini lah, lari sini! 🙂

  2. norzu says:

    tak mau lari lari la ezlyna, malas. jalan2 mau. hehe

  3. watashimo!!!!!!hoshiii wa ne..

    kan best gituh.

  4. coy says:

    norzu, jalan2 pun ok! 🙂 btw, pening kepala saya semalam pikir macam nak tukar nama saya kat comment yg dah terpost kat atas tu. kat wordpress canot delete yek own comments posted on other people’s site… 😛

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