Who needs bad jokers when you have lawyers

I know I’m a gaijin to many Terengganu eyes, from my appearance to my language. But still, I don’t go out causing a riot or intentionally piss you off just because I need to eat. So please, not bothering to deliver orders or being resentful just because you don’t bother to explore your own ‘country’ are petty excuses to make me feel unwelcome. And I’ve had enough of stares from Japanese makcik and pakcik to last me a life time, thank you very much.

It is never funny when people make statements which technically means foreigners go home, when they actually need the so-called foreigners to do jobs locals are not able (or just don’t bother) to do.

Still, it is annoying when you go to a services provider and have its foreign staff not properly trained to handle customers’ requests. Like getting peanut butter toast when you asked for kaya toast.

– – –

As the plane took off yesterday, I looked out towards the long coast line and wondered if my one-hour sailing episode last week was worth all the challenges I’ve had in the past three months. Almost. Next is horse riding!


3 thoughts on “Who needs bad jokers when you have lawyers

  1. coy says:

    kaya toast tabetai! πŸ™‚ woah, horse riding! rajin2 lah practise, then u can teach me and in the future we can start a horse training school! hehehe… berangan… berangan…

  2. Spena says:

    Hhehehe..welcome to Terengganu. Even though I ‘quite’ regularly go there, still kena pandang lain macam with them. Sometimes, I act as if I’m a foreigner and can’t speak malay….hehehe…

  3. norzu says:

    coy: horse training school?? dowan laa.. you bukak la kedai cekelat lagi best. πŸ˜›

    kak spena: speak malay? apa itu? πŸ˜‰

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