Sometimes it’s all about the good guys

Dear Abang,

Congratulations!!! I was really glad I got to see you brought into the match and scored United’s winning goal, while somewhere in London, Bolton equalised to seal Chelsea’s fate of being runner’s up. Again.

The Times called you a magician while John Dykes said you’re the good guy. To me, it was the best feeling to see you deciding the title and then lifting the cup as United’s captain.

You know, I was gutted for missing last year’s final match against West Ham (and the trophy presentation) because of my own inability to do simple math so I was determined not to make the same mistake and had wanted to block my evening to be in front of the telly. However, it was Mother’s Day and it would be so selfish of me to not join the festivities. I was actually in tears when I saw that there was less than 20 minutes to the final whistle and I was still outside with no television in sight. I can imagine the thoughts going through my family members’ heads when they saw me like that. Silly, fanatic, crazy. I was sorry but I couldn’t help myself.

In the end, I got home to see you standing on the pitch’s edge, ready to come on. I took it as a good sign, even though Chelsea was leading Bolton at the time.

Congratulations to you for equalling Sir Bobby’s record, for your 10th premiership medal and for that goal. What a year, although there’s still one last match to be played in Moscow next Wednesday. Hope you’re getting some rest before that.

Your Adik


8 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s all about the good guys

  1. perasan sungguh kamu menjadi adiknya… hahaha… dua kali menang tu kire ok laa. toksah riak eh…

  2. norzu says:

    dua kali? helo… they’ve been champions 10 times in 16 years, ok. Liverpool will have to wait. Again. And again. :p

  3. dua kali in a row… itu yg baru dua kali…

  4. hazyr says:

    Leymah is his sister too…

    So you and Leymah are sisters, no? 😉

  5. norzu says:

    king: BARU dua kali, ek.

    ryzah: boleh la tuu.. hahaha

  6. idlan says:

    amiklah semorang jadik adik dia. tu pakwe den hehehe

  7. Sashi says:

    It’s not the 10 EPL titles that annoys me. It’s the fact that it’s their 17th title overall.

    Too close to Liverpool’s record. Too close. What else do we have but this record? (And the 5 European Cups).


  8. norzu says:

    Yes, Sashi, it’s VERY close. 😉

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