Wishful thinking Monday

The office has blocked YouTube. Heh. It’s good in a way, in that there has been no drop in connection in the past 2 days.

– – –

You better know that in the end / It’s better to say too much / Then to never say what you need to say again
Say – John Mayer

I heard this song while driving back to KT on Saturday. Another John Mayer piece for future road trips. Simple lyrics, but it kinda made me think of certain episodes in my life. When I should’ve said more. When I shouldn’t have kept quiet. When I should’ve asked for an explanation. And the likes.

– – –

For a moment, I wished my favourite people are here.


4 thoughts on “Wishful thinking Monday

  1. Mafiz says:

    No Youtube??? kesiannn…john mayer memang best!!

  2. norzu says:

    Tak pa, Mafiz, I don’t use YouTube much at the office, and certainly not as Astro substitute like you 😉

  3. coy says:

    this is so contradict to what my late grandpa taught us. don’t say too much, sebab mulut badan binasa. 😛

    btw, my office not only blocked youtube, webmail pun tak boleh access. 😦

  4. Davie says:

    Hi Nor..

    agreed on the blog.. awat lelaki bangang.. How are you? I was keeping low life .. sorry for the long silence ( iro iro atta…)

    I didn’t know that u re in KT. Please let me know where..I’m going back like every month, my parents are there.

    I lost my phone,and my hp no changed.. will send u e mail on the fon number

    gomenn nee..for keeping silence…

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