Menjejak kasih

Pt. I

She’s a year above me at school and we’ve not met since she left. Over the years, I’ve heard news about her from school mates and even people I work with.

It was a surprise to learn that she’s based in Terengganu, and she’s the second person around my age, outside my colleagues, that I actually know living in this state.

I met her yesterday for what was supposed to be a ‘quick bite’ but instead turned into a 3-hour lunch. Heh. A nice diversion to an otherwise gloomy day at the office.

Pt. II

I was about to iron my work shirt this morning when the phone rang, an unknown number.

“Awak ni dulu pelayar optimist kan?” was his first question. Haha. It was a fellow sailor from ages ago, who is now the national coach for Optimist. Although I didn’t exactly remember how he looked like, but the name was familiar enough that I agreed to drive up to where the sailing competition was held for Sukma.

The sailors were all ashore by the time I arrived, washing up for the day as tomorrow is a rest day. Met with the Terengganu coach and Sailing Association’s people. Then he came, and it all came back. Good to see some people are doing what they love to do. This guy started sailing when he was 9. And he’s 33 now, and his charges call him ‘uncle’. Heh.

A couple rounds of drinks, a bit of sotong celup tepung and some good conversation. A nice way to wind down for the week. And I got a free t-shirt. 😀

Tomorrow, I’m heading back to KL. Again.


2 thoughts on “Menjejak kasih

  1. coy says:

    bestnya menjejak kasih. norzu, kau takde ke kawan kat KT tu yg sebaya kita and dulu sekolah kat smk sultan sulaiman? aku pun nak menjejak kasih juga… 😀

  2. norzu says:

    sebaya tak ada, coy, tapi setahun muda ada la sorang dua kat ofis tu.

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