Hujan malam

The three were seated at one table in the coffee house. It was raining outside. They could’ve gone home earlier but all three didn’t want to be alone with their own thoughts as company for as long as they could.

After ordering, they tried to enjoy the entertainment provided, a couple of Broery songs delivered by a somewhat competent karaoke enthusiast.

Anyone watching them might have thought that the trio were a family of sorts – a mother with her son and daughter. They would be wrong.

It turns out that they are all working at the same place, and were talking about the recent events that have happened at their office. Their conversation was filled with anxiety, a bit of anger and a lot of despair. There was a hint of hope too, if you had listened closely.

“The truth will prevail, insya allah,” the older woman said. The other two nodded, but their faces were anything but convinced.

It was late, and the younger woman was starting to yawn a few times. As the trio sat silent for a moment, an unexpected sound. The man had burped, and the smell of milk tea caused all three to burst out laughing.

It was time to ask for the bill.


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