Macam rojak

“I don’t see the need for arrogance. Ever.” True. Especially when you’re the BIG boss talking to an old pakcik jaga.

– – –

“We are not the enemy.” Of course you’re not. I’ve worked with high profile individuals, chased after bigwigs for stories and survived nightmarish experiences with PR ladies from high-end agencies. So you being “the enemy” is more of an annoyance than anything else. Seriously.

– – –

“Dia tu paling rugged kat ofis ni, eh.” My normal office uniform nowadays are workshirts and long pants. How are those ‘rugged’?

– – –

“You make my neuroses sound… cosmic.” The best line of the week.


One thought on “Macam rojak

  1. ardyan says:

    ada yang tau rujak singkawang?
    kalo di Jakarta di mana ya yang jual?

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