To school

I was having breakfast when I saw this group of kids pass by.

The girl in front was a lively and cheerful person, smiling away when she saw my camera aimed at her and her friends.

It’s a very nice way to start my Monday. Here’s to a good week for all.


3 thoughts on “To school

  1. coy says:

    woah, beca kat terengganu memang dari dulu rupa macam ni ke?
    i also went to school on a trishaw but it didn’t look anything like this… 😀

  2. norzu says:

    dunno la kalau memang dari dulu beca tganu mcm tu. kena tanya local experts.. hehe

  3. ayu says:

    waaah. i love this photo. good feelings…mmmm mmmm.

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