When you’re not the high heel type…

… don’t go on dreaming that you can survive three hours in a pair of 2-inch 3.5-inch heels, ok.

– – –

My feet ache less now, but my throat is sore and I feel like a fever is coming (or maybe that’s because I have to report to work tomorrow).

The sister’s wedding went nicely and as well as anyone could hope for. I heard Mum laughed out loud earlier today for the first time since the one week I’ve been back. That’s a good sign.

I must apologise to friends who were not invited to the reception. Apart from Mal and Lili, the rest were family and guests invited by Mum and the sister.

A blogger (Nini I think) asked if I was “kak Norzu”. Heh.

– – –

Most of these were taken by cousin Shazreen.


4 thoughts on “When you’re not the high heel type…

  1. coy says:

    whoah, sudah selamat dah Jaja! omedetou! 🙂

  2. azad says:

    Please send my congrats and well wishes to your sister & hubby.

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