No fun in flying

Last Sunday, I received a call from Firefly about 5 minutes to 6am to tell me that my 7.15am flight was delayed to 9.15am. That was after they sent an sms the night before saying it was re-timed to 7.15am.

The delay was the second I experienced in seven days, the first one was worse as I had already arrived at the airport when they told everyone about the reschedule. It was also worse in the sense that I had received several sms-es saying that the flight was scheduled for 7.15am a few days prior.

After checking in, I went to the sales counter and basically told the guy off. “There is no fun in flying with Firefly anymore.” Their schedule has been quite erratic in the past one month, and I am not happy to give my new boss another reason to bad mouth me.

Tomorrow evening, I will fly with Firefly for the last time. For now. I hope they’ll improve their services again once their new planes arrive.


2 thoughts on “No fun in flying

  1. Spena says:

    No more flying with Firefly? Which airline are you going to fly with after this? hehehe…

  2. norzu says:

    Kak Spena: lepas ni saya duk kl diam2 😉

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