Charity Durian Fest

This is something I received in my mailbox:

Charity Durian Fest in aid of the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia

It’s taking place at Subang Parade August 10 Sunday. 1,000 premium durians + rambutans + mangosteens for a minimum donation of RM10 per person.

We need help with registration of public, donations and crowd coordination…
Also need avid photographers to help us capture the best pictures from the event…
Contact Allan at or call him at 019-2103623


The Children’s Wish movement is worldwide and its purpose is to grant a wish to children who are terminally ill. CWS serves these children who reside in East or West Malaysia. A number of checks and balances are in place to ensure the requests are valid and grants are warranted. Behind this is a very unique business model structure which shows donors and members just exactly how their money will be used.

We have two revenue streams, memberships and donations. Membership funds are only used to cover the costs of administration. We are a business and as such, we have certain costs which we must cover.

Donations are used exclusively for granting wishes. Most NGOs collect funds and then take a percentage to cover their administrative costs. We decided not to run our operations that way as its not transparent and we do accept donations from non members; its not a requirement.

Why should you join us? When a child is stricken with an illness that can not be cured, it is something outside anything they did. Most wonder why they are in hospital and not getting better. They wonder why their friends can play outside while they are confined to a bed. Our purpose is to fill in this gap by granting a wish that they might make. It helps to provide the entire family with some quality time and put aside what lies on the horizon. The parents are burdened emotionally and financially and the ability to do something is not possible. You can help by joining our family and being a part of this mission. Members will have access to Board meeting minutes and financial details as well through our website when it goes online.

If you feel that we are doing the right thing both as a mission and as a business, then please join our family and become a member, make a donation or do both. We are truly in a race against time.

Allan Hubbert

Executive Director

– – –

Facebook links about the event:
here and here

No, I’m still not on FB.


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