I wanted it hot


I received an email from A & W yesterday:

Dear Cik Norzu,

We acknowledge receiving your e-mail and regret for all the inconvenience caused.We thanked you for being loyal to A&W.We do treat our customer with great concern and care for their needs.
Our Area Coaches En.Remmy and the restaurant manager En.Azman will be seeing you soon.
Please do not hesitate to call me at [mobile] should you require further clarification.Thanks for the feedback.


Ahmad Kamal Baharin
Manager Catering/Event Revenue

I also received a call from Batu Buruk’s restaurant manager yesterday when I was already in Redang. The guy wanted to confirm my story and asked if I could drop by the outlet soon. I’m still deciding on that.

– – –

Original post

So I decided to have lunch at A & W Batu Burok today. Felt like chilling by the beach and that place was the most convenient to have my meal.

I have not been to the premise for over two months. The service staff at the counters were all heavily made up, complete with eye shadow, red cheeks and bright lips. Fine, I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

However, the quality of service was still not very good. The staff are still not very proficient in English, and still like to interrupt when a customer is placing an order. At least, I’ve had that experience more than three times.

One thing that spoiled my lunch today was the fact that the Mozza burger that I had ordered came in the worst condition I’ve ever seen. Why? Because:
– the burger patty was dry and not even lukewarm
– the pickles felt like they’ve just came out of the fridge
– the cheese was still stiff

I returned the burger untouched and asked for a hot one. They took about one minute to I guess warm the burger I had returned and gave it back to me. It was just about lukewarm and the pickles and cheese were still cold and the bacon tasted like thinly sliced beef keropok but with no beef taste.

Because I was hungry, I proceeded to eat my burger and finished it along with the rest of my order. I felt like making a big fuss would result in one of the staff spitting in my next order.

However, I did ask for a feedback form on my way out and one of the girls at the counter didn’t even understand what a feedback form is. When I repeated the word FEEDBACK, she garu kepala. I turned to see one of the outlet’s management staff and asked her about it. She told me that the latest version of their feedback form “belum sampai lagi”. I proceeded to complain to her verbally and explained what happened. I said that renovating the premise is not enough if the staff is not competent and the company does not maintain a certain standard and quality in their food.

If I had ordered a cold sandwich then I wouldn’t expect it to come piping hot now would I?


7 thoughts on “I wanted it hot

  1. zara says:

    but the rootbeer float’s always good there…that’s why we always go back. heheheh

  2. coy says:

    i think u should complain to a&w malaysia. i’m sure they have online feedback form.

  3. norzu says:

    zara: the rootbeer float and the waffles are the only two good reasons to go there again. The coney dog has shrunk in size so it has failed to make it into my list.

    coy: i just checked, they do have an online form. nak isi sekarang.

  4. heee…

    sabo jer ek ,they all ni takde common sense ker ek.
    kalau service camtuh,lama lama orang tak nak datang ek..
    Bukan kena masak pon ek,just put all things together pon masih mondai..haishhh.

  5. norzu says:

    entah la, nora. nasib baik staff kat counter tu tak bagi alasan burger sejuk sebab diorang baru renovate tempat tu. memang ada yang kena bebel dgn aku.

  6. Farah says:

    Hi Nor,

    Its Farah lah from ALEPS hehehe
    I had the same experience like u did but mine was the Coneydog. The sausage was cold.
    Seems like A&W having quality control problem la. I got other friend that got her curly fries cold!

  7. norzu says:

    Hey Farah. Lain kali, make sure you komplen! hehe

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