Here’s to a blessed Ramadhan

Monday morning, it took me less than TEN minutes to drive from my front door to right in front of the new office. I have two minutes to spare before the appointed time and it felt great.

Some familiar faces, mostly strangers. The ones I usually see at assignments are now higher in the hierarchy and a couple were puzzled as to why I went and “crossed over”.

Went into AA’s office and saw a red shrine at one corner, dedicated to a certain football club in Manchester. There were also memorabilia of The Beatles scattered around the room. I was in awe and was reminded again how this guy’s quiet demeanour is just so deceiving.

Already I have three assignments for this month and one for October. Should be fun.

– – –

I have already known of three deaths including of a distant relative in the past two days. I have a feeling there will be quite a few more as the month moves along.


7 thoughts on “Here’s to a blessed Ramadhan

  1. selamat bekerja 9-5…. 😀

  2. norzu says:

    timakasehh.. actually, i was told boleh masuk 10am 😀

  3. thepureislam says:

    congratulation on begining Ramadhan.
    May God bless us.
    pray for all muslims in this mounth.

    Your muslim brother from Iran.

  4. coy says:

    u finish work @ 5? bestnya!

  5. norzu says:

    coy: officially, it’s 9 to 5.30 but it’s more like 10 to 6.30 or later

  6. ayu says:

    yeay yeay yeay yeay *running around like a chicken with its head cut off*

    i get very excited when ramadhan starts :o)

    happy fasting, nor.

  7. norzu says:

    ayu: same to you. don’t overeat, ya 😉

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