I’m not gonna write you

Going through Moleskinerie, I found this site.
From the explanation page:

“I’m writing three hundred love letters and sending them to strangers. The letters are going to be glued to the outside of the envelopes, so that the mailman, and presumably whoever the recipient lives with, will be able to see and read them. The letters aren’t to the strangers, they’re to people I know.” The boy looks at me. We’re walking around, after work, deserted streets. He says, “I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?”, and I answer vaguely, talking about crossing space and the kind of intimacy that I believe is lacking from our society. And I’m left thinking: Is this project complicated or simple, idiotic or interesting?

The multi-coloured squares contain a letter with each colour signifying the type of relationship between sender and receiver.

I clicked on several squares of different colours. Some of the letters were nice enough, the others so-so. Still, it’s an interesting concept but a bit too personal for me.


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