Puasa di perut saja ke

Life is not a book, and it can end in a second.

– – –

What a mess we’re having. And it is Ramadhan, a time when people should especially try to be good. Not that you could make havoc the rest of the year lah, but it should certainly not be a time to create more unrest in an already ridiculously mad situation.

Malaysia is my country and it is crazy out there. Politicians. All of them. Urghh. They do not care what they do as long as they get what they want. The PM, the PM wannabe, the corporate-chief-turned-head-of-state, the palace nominee. Protecting their own interests and putting us lowly people way down on their priority list.

I keep asking myself how do they sleep at night, being fully aware of their actions. One friend said money can help make guilt go away. Another said politicians don’t have a conscience. Maybe they’re right.

While there are places bracing for the arrival of multiple hurricanes and recovering from floods and earthquakes, I feel like we are experiencing a political meltdown with no end in sight.


One thought on “Puasa di perut saja ke

  1. elviza says:


    Life is not a book, and it can end in a second. How morbid, dearest.

    Selamat Berpuasa

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