Not quite Thursday one liner

At the launch of Dr. M’s Blogging to unblock:

The men’s wallet is always the same so I am always intrigued by what is inside a lady’s handbag.

I have Frank Warren’s signature, and now I have his signature. The two most-read bloggers.


It is difficult to close our ears but there are plugs people can use, or maybe they don’t clean (their ears)

I think the guys in advertising are quite cool…there are some offices around here….they seem quite lepak and cool…the what, me worry? sort…all jeans and torn too….and sneakers…messy hair all…and women call them something like free spirits or something like that.

I didn’t think you even owned a skirt. You should wear them more often, instead of cargo pants.

– – –

It was the first buka puasa gathering for me this year. The interesting thing for me was how there were people I know from various affiliations (blogs, work, study) at one venue. A few old bosses, japanese grads, MRT regulars and not-so-new friends.


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