Sleep stories

I guess I should tell you that I really like him.

Good. I like the idea. But him, no one knows lah.

I can’t believe I’m telling you all this!

It’s ok, it’s all safe. Plus, its not my life, I just pray for the best for everyone.

Yeah, thanks.

To be honest, I’d be really happy if you got together with him.

Any particular reason?

Your personality suits him I think.

Thank you for that. I’ve told him how I felt so he knows.

Good. What did he say?

I think he’s the type who won’t do or say anything if he’s unsure of the situation.

Spot on.

I’m ok with that. If it happens it happens. Whatever IT is.

Insyallah IT will. Who knows.

Thanks. I’m still embarrassed.

It’s ok to let it out.

I’m not good at that. Letting things out.

Ok. It’s not easy to let things out.


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