All that you say

2 Syawal 1429

Come over la

Quite a lot to do la babe….

Yeah, yeah

What’s that supposed to mean?

You always busy one

You’re a woman you’ll never understand.


True what…you lot will just go and marry into money while its the blokes who have to slog it out….you can say take it easy and all that shit man, but in the end I have to build my own future…so…yes I’m in the office…

– – –

I wasn’t expecting that. If I had planned to snag a rich guy, I’d have done it already, you know? Coming from him, it really hurts.

It’s not like we’ve only known each other a day or two. I thought he knows what I’m like. While his life experience could not be more different from mine, we’re good friends.

I admit the people closest to us can be brutally honest but untruths I just can’t accept.

All I did was asking him over for lunch.


3 thoughts on “All that you say

  1. zaraingermany says:

    hmmm it’s not always the men that have to slog in now you know…some men marry into money too

  2. jazzmatazzed says:

    This Mamat PMS ke? hee hee….

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