Paving the way for stupidity

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I was in downtown KL earlier, driving back to work. From Bukit Bintang I got on to Sultan Ismail and was so surprised to see potholes at least half of the way to the traffic light before Shangri La. And I thought it was only in TTDI where many of the roads are bad, due to so many construction works and no road re-surfacing. Is this due to the outcome of the last GE? Segambut is now opposition territory, is that why?


2 thoughts on “Paving the way for stupidity

  1. F.Idrus says:

    Adakah kemungkinan bila negeri bukan bawah pemerintahan kerajaan pusat (diambil alih barisan pembangkang), maka dengan itu, kerajaan pusat boleh menghentikan peruntukan untuk pembangunan? Macam Kelantan. Mungkinkah? Mungkinkah? Teehehe.

  2. norzu says:

    Mungkin jugak la kan. tapi KL is a federal territory, and under the purview of a specific ministry pulak tu. Unless they decided to slash the maintenance budget for DBKL and JKR…

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