Steve Buscemi gets the best lines

なんだか、去年の今日に思い出した。If I was 10 years younger I might have thrown a tantrum. Or maybe not. I can’t stand my own shrilly voice.

– – –

Right now life is mostly about work. There are no “new developments” and I don’t care enough about “juicy gossips” to tell you about it. Unless you wanna know if Madam Governor’s gonna cut interest rates again. I don’t think so.

Entah lah. I try not to discuss about other people because I think there are so many other things I could talk about. Like football. Or Mumbai and Bangkok. If I wanna be silly, I can talk about comic strips and why Hammy should make a cameo at Obama’s inauguration.

– – –

Adam @ Thanksgiving

– – –

Happy birthday, Eti.


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