Could it be my someday

Broken by Lifehouse

– – –

It has been three months since I went back to the news room. I guess the hardest part of adjusting is over.

– – –

A cousin texted me on Monday, telling me to look up to the moon, it kinda looks like a smiling face. I did notice it before I received the message. And yes, it somehow reminds me of a smiling face.


4 thoughts on “Could it be my someday

  1. spena15 says:

    I saw that smiling face too from my office in Sepang. Very nice indeed. Nak ambik gambar tapi tak clear .

  2. ayu says:

    one step at a time, there’s no need to rush. it’s like learning to fly, or falling in love :o)…

    hehehe you were the one who introduced me to no air jordin sparks, remember? kekeke…i call you next week…nak belanja you and k murni lah…my permit was approved and we’re leaving saturday!

  3. norzu says:

    never thot you’d be a jordin sparks fan, ayu 😛

  4. ayu says:

    neither did i!!! but between jordin sparks and rihanna…jordin sparks cam the lesser evil kut…not so keen on her 2007 album though…like that tattoo song? what’s THAT about lah? *pening*

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