So lawak

I was browsing through BBC’s headlines when I saw this.

If romantic comedies spoil your so-called love life, then what about action flicks, with all those guns and stuff?

2 thoughts on “So lawak

  1. ayu says:

    not just action flicks…what about violent cartoons even?!

    my nephew thinks its ok to blow up lego people…sebab…he says and i quote “lego je!” i’m still divided on this…i mean i suppose if he’s going to have violent tendencies, they might as well be targeted at just lego, but on the other hand, macam encouraging it lah pulak instead of taking him to play with cute lil peaceful bunnies and teaching him not good to blow up ANYTHING?

  2. norzu says:

    I think most cartoons are violent – transformers, kids next door, powerpuff girls, avatar to name a few. Unless it’s Dora or spongebob (shudder).

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