An evening walk

A walk. Feet felt so light. Body, not really. It has been a while. Four months to be exact. Down the stairs, across the road. Small park. Used to play catch here. Seemed like ages ago. They paved the jogging / walk path. Nice. An uncle half jogging, half brisk walking. An aunty taking her own sweet time. Three kids running around while their dad trying to complete a lap. I didn’t have music. And I didn’t feel like talking much.
Two laps in fifteen minutes. Not too bad. I wasn’t pushing too hard. Continued towards the shops, got a bottle of cold tea. Nice.
On the way back, took the hilly road in front of the Doc’s parents place. At least three houses getting ready for Christmas eve party. Up the hill, a guy on Segway came out from the lane on my right. Gosh! Zoomed down. Show off.


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