Sail away with me

Body aches. The after effects of traipsing in the southern city state at the weekend. This time, I avoided the city proper, instead exploring the western coastline and lodged in its eastern suburb.

Team Puma

The final days of the Singapore leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 08/09, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Volvo 70 boats and their crew (but of course I didn’t recognise any particular sailors, they look the same to me).
I don’t think Sentosa was a great choice for a stopover. Langkawi maybe. It is a more familiar name in the international sailing circuit. Much more scenic too. Eddy showed me the photos she took when the boats were in Cape Town and really, after that beautiful place, Singapore pales in comparison. In addition, the skyline at the marina was marred by cranes from construction work taking place in the viccinity. Gambar jadi tak lawa.

On Sunday, when the boats left for Qingdao, there wasn’t a big crowd at the docks to say farewell. That was kinda sad.
Still, I got to see them and got to spend time with the King, who was kind enough to let me spend the night at his place.

So yeah, the aches were not too bad, all things considered.


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