Tomorrow today

The last para of this piece:

So tell me what to do. Tell me where do we go from here? Selfish, scared and stuck. I know I’m not the only one; it is only with a sense of optimism ideally accompanied by energy and laughter that we will be able to pick ourselves up; we have to at least try. Whether it’s the credit crunch, drinking, anorexia, obesity or simply a feeling of emptiness we need to push ourselves to think positively. I miss having hopes, dreams and a determination for life. I want to live, stop waiting and start doing. Waking up with a passion for the day, a passion for life; to stop watching the news and stop watching my life go by. We’re living longer for a reason, to embrace the day and embrace the inevitable. Tomorrow it begins, tomorrow we restart the future.
Tomorrow… well, it’s not all that bad is it?

– – –

I hate politicians


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow today

  1. elviza says:

    Yep, that’s the two of us hating politicians

  2. coy says:

    I hate politicians with the exception of Barack Obama. 🙂

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