I guess its a bit better now

PostSecret is now on twitter. *sigh*

This secret was the 21st secret

When I saw it yesterday, I thought, that was me last year. It took many sleepless nights poring over written words, things both said and unsaid. Being away from home for half a year helped to clear my thoughts and eventually coming to terms with the situation. Doing something about it took another few months because denial is not easy to shake off and I hate to admit it to people. The pain of not having who you want was tempered by being able to at least be near that person, even if it was just to exchange ideas or silly jokes.
So I stopped myself. From hoping, from denial. It hurts like hell. It still does sometimes, but not as much.

That’s me peeling another layer.

– – –

Emotional independence leads to absolutely nowhere – except to a would-be fortress, whose only and useless objective is to impress others.

Emotional dependence, in its turn, is like a bonfire that we light.

That was Paulo Coelho.


One thought on “I guess its a bit better now

  1. eddycute says:

    pakcik paulo… such wise words..

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