They say money can’t buy you love

They also say money makes the world go round. Who are THEY anyway?

– – –

‘”Love”, this English word: like other English words it has tense…’ In Chinese, however, love `has no tense. No past and future. Love in Chinese means a being, a situation, a circumstance. Love is existence, holding past and future.’

From Guo Xiaolu’s A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers

– – –

There was a lot of love in Penang last weekend. Ms. Hughie got me a room to stay for the night, the newlyweds made time for me despite their chaotic preparation for the reception and Nasreen posed for me.


Oh. Being complimented by a pro photographer is a really good feeling. 🙂

– – –

I guess the healing process is still ongoing. As I settled in my seat on the flight home, certain scenes from my some 30-hour trip made me feel… not wanting to be alone.


6 thoughts on “They say money can’t buy you love

  1. hazyr says:

    The first bunch of ‘they’ are probably hopeless romantics who are optimistic.

    The second bunch are just being realistic 😉

  2. hijabman says:

    rockstar. love the photo of nasreen

  3. ayu says:

    one is never alone at murni’s….*RAT TAILS…WOOHOOO* so jom!

  4. azlin says:


    By Ms Hughie do you mean Nani Rahayu who is married to Michael and living in the U.S? Who just had a baby boy – Mikhail? If that’s the case…then, this is when I go…YA ALLAH! SMALL WORLD!

    I told hijabman last week if he misses malaysian food, he should go to NY and meet with a friend (by friend I was referring to Kak Nani)

  5. norzu says:

    Yes, azlin. It’s such a freaking small world indeed! Met Nani when I was in NYC a few years back, through a friend. I am scared to ask who else do you know. Heh.

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