Of flu and making baju

Concerns over the the A(H1N1) flu spread, four friends became worried about their impending trip to the southern part of Central Java. Sets an EGM for Saturday. I was still in favour of going, despite fears of possible pandemic.

EGM. One member of the group had an emergency up North, but said she’s definitely going. I felt that I should stop watching the news for a day, but the other two were still worried and are unable to make a decision. It doesn’t help matters that we are all working in a newsroom and one subscribes to almost all news updates. That can be quite annoying actually.

Ayu still going. The birthday girl, who wanted to have a trip to celebrate. Aku pegi sorang pun tak kisah. I felt the same way.

Had a very early start to the day with an 8am assignment. Managed to clear most of my outstanding work, two are in the hands of a colleague who will fill in the missing details. That felt good. Another member says she’s going. Yay! But at the end of the day, as I was arrived home, she was at it again with news updates (that is never good) and annoying questions that I ignored. I don’t know if I’ll be seeing her at the airport tomorrow. We’ll have to see I guess.

– – –

You punya kakak kahwin bila?

Itu adik saya lah

Oh ya? Tapi you nampak lagi muda.

Really, I should go to the tailor more often. She says such really nice things about me. Heh.


One thought on “Of flu and making baju

  1. coy says:

    Bestnya jalan-jalan! Have a safe trip!

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