I don’t plan that far ahead

I miss Terengganu’s never ending coastline. It’s been nine months since I left and I feel like going back for a visit.

– – –

it's a cake

The Greens got me the cake on Thursday, which cheered me up after a bad night of watching football. I’ve never had chocolate cake with mint (cream?) and oreo crust before. It works though.

– – –

Saw Casablanca for the first time, I never wanted to, until now. That was after a colleague kept telling me to, saying that it’s one of her all-time favourite. The lines were witty and funny and I guess I liked Rick’s cynical view of life.

Anyone noticed that there is a Rick’s Cafe in One Bangsar?

– – –

It’s the start of another school holiday.


4 thoughts on “I don’t plan that far ahead

  1. eddycute says:

    oooo…i want that cake.

  2. eddy the underlying of this entry is mainly about kekalahan team berwarna merah itu…hehehehe


  3. eddycute says:

    i know! but i still want that cake!

  4. norzu says:

    eddy: i’ll save you some 😉

    king: because you are a kid and don’t know any better, i will let you off. this time. 😛

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