Friday digest

Officially, my last day is on September 5th. However, I’ve actually said goodbye to the newsroom where I’ve been working for almost a year on Tuesday.

What next? I’m taking time off to do my own thing. To travel, and hopefully be able to produce something out of it. The idea had been with me since the middle of the year but Mike’s passing was really the deciding factor. I know I need to do this. To take time out and find my stories. It is also the chance to go to all the places I haven’t been to. I don’t know when I’ll get an opportunity like this again.

So I’m now planning my half-year journey, which culminates in South Africa, in time for the World Cup 😀

– – –


My first attempt of making a photobook and it arrived today. Hope Adik Hazim and family will be happy with it.

– – –

Did you ever regretted leaving BT?

An old colleague had asked me this at an iftar do earlier. I don’t know where that came from but I told him no. I do miss it (the old BT, that is) sometimes but I don’t wish to go back. I guess he asked after seeing another colleague who had left and had since been wanting to go back but couldn’t. That’s sad.


3 thoughts on “Friday digest

  1. dillazag says:

    What a great thing to do.. I hope you’ll find your muse, loads of stories and come back to share it with us.
    All the best, dear.. 🙂

  2. azlin says:

    love the photobook idea!

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