how young is too young?

From here:

Dutch judges Friday called a 13-year-old girl’s plan to sail solo around the world “undeniably daring and risky,” but refused to scupper it completely, in a high profile clash between child care authorities and liberal Dutch parenting.
A panel of three judges at Utrecht District court ordered authorities to take temporary guardianship of Laura Dekker, delaying her plan to set sail next week on her 26-foot (8-meter) yacht Guppy and become the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

The court then called on a child psychologist to do an evaluation of the girl’s ability to cope the gruelling journey, totaling about two years in isolation.

I think she is too young, but then, she was born on a boat! The first four years of her life was spent on water, with her parents. (Saya agak jeles part nih)

We humans just love to push our limits, don’t we?

3 thoughts on “how young is too young?

  1. eddycute says:

    i think ada 1 aussie teen pun plan to sail round the world. can you sail round the world solo? as for me, i dunno. but willing to try anything!

  2. norzu says:

    i don’t think i can do a solo sail round the world. too lonely!

  3. eddycute says:

    if ada internet, i ok je… 🙂

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