Meme: Save Yvonne’s sight

The lawyer tagged me.
Here goes:

Twenty-two year old Yvone has a rare genetic disease – neurofibromatosis type 2 – that causes benign tumours to grow in her brain, spine and along her peripheral nerves – since she was 16. The disease is incurable.

Yvonne has survived several surgeries to remove tumours – one on her spine and the rest on her brain. She is now semi-paralysed on her face, deaf, partially blind, has poor balance and a stiff right leg. Right now she needs to undergo yet another surgery.

Yvonne, who runs a blog ( is the author of I’m Not Sick, Just A Bit Unwell, (picture), has been raising money on her own to pay for her operations, is losing her eyesight. The operation is due in December and once again she needs to raise funds for it. The cost of the surgery is USD44,000 (RM154,770) and the cost of her hospital stay for two weeks is USD915 or RM3219.

She has already raised RM10,000 of this but obviously still has a long way to go. She’s hoping to raise the rest by republishing her book I’m Not Sick, Just A Little Bit Unwell in English and Chinese.The books are now available in Malaysian bookshops and from her website store. She is also selling T-shirts at bazaars and via her store. You can read about her surgery and donate to her fund here.

Yvonne Foong is in danger of losing her eyesight thanks to neurofibromatosis (NF). Please find out how you can help her by visiting her blog at

You can also help by sending on this meme. If you do, please follow these meme rules:

1. Create a blog entry titled “Meme: Save Yvonne’s Sight”

2. List three things you love to see. Add in the picture of Yvonne’s book cover. The URL is

3. End with the line, “Yvonne Foong is in danger of losing her eyesight thanks to neurofibromatosis (NF). Please find out how you can help her by visiting her blog at”

4. Tag 5 blog friends. Be sure to copy the rules, OK?

5. If you have a Facebook account, please check out Ellen’s new invention, a “feme” pronounced FEEM, a meme designed for Facebook. And if you want to blog about NF, that would be great too! (I’m not on FB so I have no idea what’s this about)

I’ve met this young lady a few years back, and owns a copy of her book. From her blog and book, I gathered that she is one gutsy person who has not stopped fighting to get better. Like Davie’s kids, Yvonne has good and bad days and I hope she’ll be able to raise the funds for the surgery to have more better days.

The three things I love to see are:

1. A set of shelves stacked with books
2. Vintage Mini (Cooper or otherwise) cars on the road
3. Faces of my favourite people

You’re tagged!
Dr. Mafeitz
That James of Loopy Meals
Tony G


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