I am crazy like that

It has been over a month since I left full-time employment and now I have begun to properly plan for the next six to twelve months. It’s gonna be a blast. I hope.
I have been lucky to be able to start my project after a large chunk of accrued income came in. That gave me a peace of mind to map my way en-route to Cape Town, in time for WC2010. (More about this come November)

your rezeki murah Nor…insyallah ada la means tu

That was Eddy, when I told her about my crazy scheme. In a way, she’s quite right. It’s one of the things that I’m grateful for.

This week, I’ve had two leads for writing gigs which is always welcomed. Nothing is definite but I’m hoping that at least one will materialise. It is more to keep my mind from going to mush than anything else. Plus, it’ll be a good distraction from all my worries about dangerous territories, currency exchange rate and hostile immigration officers.

Here’s to hoping.


5 thoughts on “I am crazy like that

  1. dillazag says:

    Can i just be a plagiarist (? ada ke such word) and echo what Edy said?
    Insya allah, Nur…
    Good luck and have a ball, dear!

  2. Nor,

    caiyok caiyok !

    enjoy the trip and come back safely with loads of story & memory …


  3. elviza says:

    I cant wait for your stories from the travel. *Crossing ALL my fingers for u, my friend*

  4. norzu says:

    kak dilla: thank you! and yes, there is such a word as plagiarist. 😉

    norasakura: arigato! まだ準備中だけどね。

    elviza: thanks, babe. hopefully ilham datang while i’m on the road. heh

  5. hanny says:

    nak ikut jalan-jalan!!

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