Sunday evening rain is falling

It used to be that Sunday is my laundry and lazing day, when apart from washing my clothes I just bum around and not venture out from the house unless I feel like having pasar malam fare for dinner. Then I’ll bum around summore until it’s time for bed, wishing it’s another Sunday the next day instead of the start of a new working week.

Now that I’m keeping my own time again, Sundays are usually the busiest day of the week. A few weeks back, I had Kam Raslan as a guide to show me (plus many history nerds/photo enthusiasts/etc) around a small part of KL on a short historical walking tour organised by the Instant Cafe Theatre’s new initiative CHAI.

Today, I had company to catch the last day of the KL Sing Song 2009. It turned out to be a really enjoyable outing as the talents were superb and entertaining.

KL Sing Song 2009

Nik bin Jidan is one of a number of buskers who participated and Barrock was somehow inspired to get cracking on his guitar lessons. Heh. For me, Sharidir & Nizam P in the second set stole the entire show and made it their own. While all the talents held their own, it was great to see how diverse their music can be even when everyone had the same instrument to perform with.

The next two Sundays I will spend in Tokyo. I’ll be watching FC Tokyo play Urawa Reds at the Ajinomoto on the 8th but haven’t decided on the second Sunday. I’ll think about it.


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